AVAJAR - Perfect V Lifting Premium Eye Mask

$6 $10
01. Wrinkle Removing Technology
02. One Whole Bottle of Highly Enriched Essence!
03. Brightening & Wrinkles & Elasticity – All at Once!!
04. Technology that uses stabilized production methods that prevent the separation of the fabric and gel

Recommended for those who:
- Worry about the lack of elasticity in the skin around the eyes
- Want to add vitality and energy to the skin around the eyes
- Want to hydrate the skin around the eyes which are prone to becoming dry
- Want to care for the eyes with a soft eye patch that doesn’t cause irritation
- Want to have brighter, illuminating skin
- Have dry skin due to external reasons that caused irritation and want to calm it down

Suggested Use
1. Open the pouch and remove the protective film.
2. Apply from the inner corner,only the area under the eye.
3. Stretch the end of the patch and apply to the corner of the eye.
4. Remove after 30 minutes of use.

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