Brightening Ampoule


Brightening Ampoule - 30ml

Whitening effect approved by KFDA, effective for kiiping the skin tone clear and bright, and decreasing out breaks of acne.


  • Fast permeating concentrated essence
  • Excellent Pigmentation Control Function
    • Niacinamid : effective for keeping the skin tone clear and bright, also for decreasing outbreaks of acne
    • Callus Complex (Stem Cell) : highly effective to restrain formation of melanin and also effective to control pigmentation. Vitamin as deep as in the skin! Nano Liposome System makes vitamin infiltrate deeper into the skin, thus making the skin clearer and brighter
  • Moisturizing function : Contains glycosaminoglycans for moisturizing effect, a function whitening cosmetics are short of
  • Non-sticky application. So light, you cannot even feel it on your skin

Main ingredient   Niacinamid, Safflower extract, Scutellaria extract, Morus bark extract, Oriental arbor vitae extract, Compound of 6 callus, vegetable growth cell,(wild ginseng, green tea, mother chrysanthemum, bamboo shoot, mung bean, carrot)

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