Honey Jarret

Honey Jarret - Clean Whip Cleanser (200g) | Without Box




Inspired by nature, our Clean Whip Cleanser helps remove all traces of dirt, makeup, pollution, and oil from the skin! No need to double cleanse - this hard-working formula contains creamy bubbles that will work deep into your pores to get the gunk out and nourish your skin.

Containing our iconic clean water Jarret Tea complex, the cleanser also provides a multitude of benefits to brighten and smooth the skin. Moringa, Lemon Myrtle, and Kombucha soothe sensitive and tired skin, while also hydrating, brightening, and smoothing.  The addition of Madecassoside, Panthenol, and Centella helps sensitive skin further, making the cleanser ideal for all skin types.

The rich bubble foam makes it easy to work the cleanser into your skin to remove all traces of dirt, leaving the skin fresh, clean, and hydrated. Finally, the cleanser helps to maintain pH balance, for all-round healthy skin. Use morning and evening as part of your everyday skincare routine.

How To Use: Gently massage a small amount of this gel cleanser on wet skin in the morning. Rinse with tepid water. Pat your face dry, and continue with your next skincare steps.

Ingredients: #Kombucha, #Moringa, #Green Propolis, #Madecassoside, #Honey Suckle, #Lemon myrtle, #Panthenol

Size: 200g / 7.0oz

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