ES COSMETIC - ES V10 Galvanic Beauty Therapy Device

$159.60 $399

What it is:

Revolutionary Multi-Function Beauty Therapy Device featuring 3 distinct and proven modes of beautification: Galvanic, Micro-vibration and Heat-Shock Therapy. The ES V10 Beauty Therapy Device puts the power of electrotherapy in the palm of your hand. The single most powerful tool in your anti-aging arsenal.

Solutions for:

– Fine lines and wrinkles

– Dryness

– Loss of firmness and elasticity


ES V10 Beauty Therapy Device system represents years of research and development and is unlike any other device in its product segment. The ES V10 combines 3 highly effective and proven next-generation beautification techniques including Galvanic & Microcurrent therapy and gently warms to 42°celsius inducing Heat Shock Proteins on a microcellular level. Heat shock protein is key to building the skin's resilience to harmful UV rays and has shown great promise in inhibiting the formation of cancer cells affecting the skin, particularly melanoma.

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