UNIX Ion Hair Brush


Make Shiny & Silky Hair with Unix Ion Hair Brush


  • Using wet hair as well as thin hair
  • Moist and soft hair by Ion Essential Care
  • Detachable brush that can be cleaned
  • Compact size fits comfortably in one hand

How to detach brush cushion

  • When removing the brush, press the brush cushion release button to remove it.
  • When attaching teh brush, slide the brush cushion into the body. When inserted properly, the sound is heard.

How to comb

  • Turn on the power switch. The power indicator lights up, and the ions are continuously sprayed from the ion outlet. (Sound can be heard from the ion outlet when using it)
  • Brush gently from hair root to hair. Repeat this step several times.
  • After using the product, please turn off the power. (After use, the sound may come from the ion outlet, which is natural phenomenon beuase the ions are not emitted completely)

How to install and remove the battery

  • Ion brush works with one 1.5A AAA size battery.
  • Remove the brush cushion from the body and open the battery cover.
  • Insert the battery.
  • Close the cover. Sound is heard if it is properly inserted.
  • Fit the battery according to the polarity (+/-).
  • Do not insert the battery with wet hands.
  • Do not leave a dead battery in the appliance.

How to clean

  • Wipe the brush body with a damp cloth.
  • When cleaning the brush cushion, use your fingers to remove any dirt or hair from the brush.
  • Remove the brush cushion from the brush body and rinse the brush cushion with water.
  • Dry the brush cushion completely and attach it to the brush body.
  • Do not use a corrosive liquid to clean the brush cushion.


- 1 Ion Hair Brush (Battery is not included)



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