Etude House

Etude House - My Beauty Tool Pimple Popper


A stainless pimple popper with a dual-type tip. Easy way to deep cleanse the skin from blackheads and pimples.

Angled loop: Great for removing clusters of small blackheads
Spoon extractor: Great for extracting stubborn blackheads when gentle pressure is applied

  • Makes popping zits cleaner without any mess.
  • Avoids bacteria and harm to the skin.
  • Stainless steel rod for environmentally friendly and hygienic use.
  • Prevents injury of the epidermis.

How to use

  1. Place hoop around the designated pimple and apply light pressure to pop a pimple.
  2. Clean popped area and the tool with cleaning alcohol. or with soap and water.


Made from safe and easy-to-clean stainless steel material
Comes with a double-ended design for dual purposes


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