KOCOSTAR - Luster Hair Capsule Mask (7 Capsule)



Luster your tousled hair. Whether you are in your office, on your bed, or in a dry cabin, comfort is just a pop! away. Our beauty capsules are packed with essential oils and natural nutrients to instantly replenish your hair and skin. Forget about stuffing your purse with jars of lip balm, eye cream, and hair treatment. Simply pop! open one of these capsules for soothing and deep hydration – whenever and wherever you are! 

Clear capsules packed with nutrients to deeply hydrate and condition damaged hair. Instantly restores luster and silkiness without making hair greasy. Reduces frizz & static.

  • Key Ingredients: Essential Oils (Argan Kernel, Sea Buckthorn, Coconut, Camellia Seed, Jojoba, Sweet Almond)
  • Usage: Twist off the tip of a capsule and apply the serum to hair, especially on split ends.
  • Feature: Light and refreshing scent / Travel-friendly / Hypoallergenic / Paraben-Free
  • Other: Can be used on damp or dry hair. Do not apply to the scalp.


How to use

1. twist off the tip of the heart-shaped capsule
2. squeeze some amount of serum onto your hand
3. apply the serum to your hair. no need to rinse.

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