YADAH - Be My Cushion (2 colors)


Be My cushion that gives perfect coverage for skin flaws and ensures higher persistency.


Brightening, Anti-aging and Sun Protection cushion with SPF 50+ / PA+++. Be My Cushion features will last throughout the day, contain a patented formula to moisturize the skin while offering perfect coverage.  CPNP Approved For European Sales. 

Patent Mochi Cushion: 

Be My Cushion is enriched with a Patented Mochi Cushion that prevents moisture from evaporating and protects against environmental irritants. Contains Anti-Bacterial activity approved Ruby-cell Puff. 

6 Non-added System

Paraben, Artificial colorant, Mineral oil, Benzophenone, Tar colorant, Animal Materials

Main ingredient 
Opuntia humifusa flower extracts

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